The World Custard Pie Championship 2018 2nd of June

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About the World Custard Pie Championships

The World Custard Pie Championships dreamed up as a way of raising funds for the village hall some 49 years ago has gone from strength to strength, attracting teams from across the globe. The rules are simple. The teams of four are drawn against each other and score points depending on where their thrown pie hits a member of the opposing team. Every player must throw with their left hand. A full six points for a pie in the face. Three points from the shoulder up and one point for any other part of the body. A player who misses three times has points deducted. The recipe for the pies is a closely guarded secret, but they are said to contain flour and water. Crowds of people arrive at the Coxheath recreation ground to see the teams go head-to-head. Last year a team who flew all the way over from Japan for the championships - triumphed and beat The Fairy Cakes in the final. The international pie throwing group spent a whole day training, but not before stopping for a sirloin steak lunch at The Bull in Linton. Mr FitzGerald, who was the lead man for the event, said: "It's been a fantastic day. It's amazing the team came over here; it's so good for Maidstone and so good for Kent. They've been staying at the Premier Inn at Wateringbury, had lunch in Linton and have been really good sports. "I have to say Brian Mortimer is the man, who should be here leading things, but he very sadly fell seriously ill but we have heard today he has turned a corner and is on the mend." The Japanese have promised to return to Coxheath for the 2016 championships in a bid to remain cream of the crop. We wait and see but Brian is back waiting to receive your entries for this year Championship.

Register Your Team

A team needs to consist of 4 people. There is an entry fee of £40 per team.

To register get in touch by email here

Alternatively contact Mike on 01622 743270
Or Brian on 07803 909191



The 2017 World Custard Pie Championships were a huge success and Coxheath brought it ‘home’ when Coxheath Till I Pie were declared the winners.

They last won the event some six years ago so had lots of experience. The beaten finalist were the Custard Pie-Rates a team from the offices of Age Concern Maidstone.

A really colourful fun afternoon that attracted teams from Japan France Finland and across the UK. all intent on winning this 50th anniversary event.

The day also encompassed TV interviews with Penelope Keith for the Channel Four upcoming series looking for the Village of the year.

Coxheath are one of the 76 villages across the country to be shortlisted in this competition. Coxheath must be one of the youngest villages as it was only formed in 1964

It has a history of highwaymen and robbers, Clock House was the military headquarters in 1778 when some 15.000 troops were ready for battle and the King came to urge them on.

It was the home of the Maidstone Workhouse and the site of the Custard Pie Championship is in part the burial ground where so many unknown people lay.

The Event is held on the Coxheath Village Hall Grounds 50 Stockett Ln, Coxheath, Maidstone ME17 4PX

Please contact Mike Fitzgerald on 01622 743270 or Brian Mortimer on 07803 909191 or contact us by email on

Gino and Sharon Photography will be taking photo's of this years event, to view the photo's please click here and here
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